Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All-American Girls

This is my third year living with my three awesome friends: Aubry, Erin and Jessica. We met by pure happenstance, randomly rooming together our first year of college. Though we played no part in the initial convergence of our lives, I know that we would have found each other one way or the other.
The greatest part of our friendship is how remarkably different each one of us is, but somehow...it just works. We all help each other in different ways. My weakness may be Jessica's strength, and Aubry's bluntness just might be Erin's answer. We look at the world through our own unique perspectives.
As different as we are, we also have our similarities. I think it's very fair to say that we are your "All-American" girls. We like our rock n' roll, Beatles, and spontaneous dance parties in our living room when we're just too overwhelmed to really think. Sometimes we'll find ourselves heart broken and lonely, in those cases we pull out the old heart shaped pan and enjoy a nice big Betty Crocker "heartcookie"...as we call it. We don't do so well when dieting, enjoy our cold Dr. Pepper and yell at each other when we just need to hate someone. And for those of you who make us really mad, I'd back off if I were you (aka Donetta).
And really...that is just a little bit about a large part of my life.

With love,


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