Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Every Light I've Found

"Away with all the troubles that you've made. Away with waiting for another day..." Billy's voice is always a comfort to me. Sometimes I'm angry; Billy understands. Other times I feel heartache, loneliness, love, confusion, fatigue...Billy knows. The Pumpkins song, "With Every Light" is just another song that I can understand on a personal basis, because of my own life experience. On VH1 Storytellers, Billy talks about the story behind the song and the meaning of it. Basically, he went to a psychic and said that when he was done he felt "in a rare moment of happiness" that he was content with the world. He went home and wrote the song that included the lyrics..."Look ma the sun is shining on me. Impatient, in love and aching to be. Could you believe in heaven, if heaven was all you had". The main idea of the song is that we are everybody we meet. Billy says that the energy that comes into our body, through other people, becomes who we are. I've always felt that as we go through life, we have the basic, simple structure of who we are. As we live, we meet people that become a part of our story. Maybe they become our life long friends or it may just be a brief moment in time, as small as a smile or glance in our direction. They become a part of us. "And every light I've found is every light that's shining down on me. I'm never alone." My friends, family...the people that I love are all part of who I am today. My sisters let me share their energy for life and attitude towards the world. The friend I had in Jr. High and no longer talk to helped me find the confidence to do anything I wanted to do. The best friend I've had since high school introduced me to a side of Kristen I never knew. The boy I've loved for so long has opened my eyes to new dimensions of life, that I couldn't see on my own. As I look around me, I feel richly blessed for the people I have surrounded myself with. The people that are all a part of me: their goodness and knowledge...their light. And with every person I have the opportunity to meet, I take just a little bit of them with me. Just as Billy says, "Here's to the light!"

With love,



  1. Kristen that was beautiful. I love how you understand Billy so well and he understands you. Ever since the concert you two have really had a connection.

  2. I found you through Katie! :)
    Anyway, just thought I would say hi. it's been quite awhile - as always. But I hope everything is going well!

  3. Thanks for being Katies friend, especially during those "hawaii" days. Thanks for helping her spread those tiny wings and explore and make new friends. She missed you when you left, and struggled to make new friends.


from keen.