Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sometimes the Rain Pours...

Robert William Warwick, a loving husband, father, and my grandfather passed away about a week ago on September the 6th, 2008. He died at the admirable age of ninety years: a great man, who lived a superb life. Robert was known to his friends and family as "Bill" and to us Grandchildren as "Papa". Papa was born on June 10, 1918. I can only imagine the astounding change he witnessed over the course of his lifetime. The 1920's, the Jazz Age and the Crash of 29' were just a part his early childhood years. Bill's teenage years were accompanied by the 1930's, bringing about superhero comic books, Amelia Earhart and the Great Depression. While in high school he was student body president and played for the school football team. When Papa was twenty three, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He joined the United States Navy and served our country during World War II. After the war, Papa returned to his home in Texas and met his wife, Peggy Agee. They married on February 11, 1950. They remained happily married for the rest of his life. Shortly afterwards, he began a career with Convair-General Dynamics and retired in 1985. From Dr. Martin Luther King to Vietnam to the Fall of the Berlin Wall, he lived through the times that I now read about in history books. Looking back on his life, the times he went through and the accomplisments he had, I can't help but feel the pride of being the Grandaughter of Robert W. Warwick. I can only hope to one day leave a legacy like his.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. We all really appreciate it. I love reading your writing, it always inspires me. I love you sharing your talent with us through this blog! I love you so much.


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