Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Blue, Blue Sky

A few summers ago, I spent a semester a Brigham Young University Hawaii. It was a life changing experience. I went straight from my sheltered high school days, to being on my own, in a brand new place, with new people, with different customs and cultures. I was seventeen then. This past Sunday was my twentieth birthday. It seems that three years later I would know so much more...but I'm not really sure that I do. Things are consistently changing all around me. Yesterday I started thinking about all the experiences, opportunities and trials that I have had recently...and a lot has happened in my life since that time! For example, my good friend Katie, who you see me with in the picture above while in Hawaii and in the picture to the left, is now married and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding this last summer! Turning another year older really makes a girl stop and think. And even though I'm not old, I feel that I have experienced a lot in the last three years-and yet I know so little :). Basically, I just want to tell you what I do know. One sunny afternoon in Oahu, Katie Mae and I caught a bus down to Sunset Beach (my favorite). It was a beautiful day, no signs of the usual summer afternoon showers, just Blue, blue sky. We swam around in the clear water, soaking up the sun and laughing as we tried to catch small little sea creatures that we were kinda scared of. I began floating on my back....drifting further and further out into the remarkable force of water surrounding my body. All I could hear was the gentle waves tapping against my eardrums. All I could see was a blue, blue sky. And All I could feel was a spirit of peace in my heart. I know that it was the love of a Father in Heaven who constantly blesses me. Who gives me all these opportunities, experiences, and that I may find that peace and happiness, whenever I desire too. It was the love of my Savior Jesus Christ, who wanted me to know that everything was going to be okay :). And this is what I know...the constant truth that I can understand on a daily basis, and though I may not always be in tune to the things He is trying to tell me....I can close my eyes to this day, and I can remember and feel that love. It's a blue, blue sky.

With love,



  1. Kristen your blog is marvelous!! we love it just like we love you charming personality. Never change and reach for the stars because there in lies your destiny and dreams beyond your wildest imaginings. go to it. p.s. mom loves you


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