Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is broken can heal.

The Websters English dictionary defines broken as being damaged or altered by breaking; made weak or infirm; not complete or full; disunited by separation. There are so many things that can break. Sometimes I don't care about broken things, I'm not quite sure what to do with a broken watch or a broken glass. I will probably just throw it away or replace it. It does not seem like a big deal. But not all broken things can be thrown away. A broken leg. You can't just throw out a broken leg, you have to take care of it and be patient while it heals. It will heal. Maybe it will never be exactly the same, but a broken leg will heal. A broken family. A child that is separated from one parent or the other...maybe even both. A husband who leaves his wife, or a wife who walks out on her family. You can't just throw out a broken family...but time may help to heal. A broken heart. You can't throw out a broken heart. It keeps beating. It keeps the blood pumping through the body, so you can move, think...function. You can't throw out a broken heart. Sometimes I do care about broken things.

But broken also means it could probably be fixed. I could probably have someone fix that broken watch, maybe even the broken glass. A broken leg will mend with time. A broken family can find happiness again somehow, someday. And a broken heart can heal. Just something to remember during those times. :)

With love,


I love you.


from keen.