Friday, October 31, 2008

My happiness... friends, is my dog Coco.

Coco is such a good puppy. She loves everybody, never barks, and only makes cute whimpering noises when someone leaves her. Whenever a person leaves the room and shuts a door, she sits by the door, longingly watching and whimpering in sadness. She doesn't like when her friends leave her.

Here is a picture of Coco with Aubry.
She is in her Halloween shirt that says Princess. She is so Cute.

And she has crazy BIG brown eyes, that you just can't resist. She's very tiny.
But eventually she will get about 3lbs bigger. Coco wants to cuddle with anyone, only has nice things to say about you and knows exactly what face to make when she wants a bite of your sandwich.
That is Coco.

Coco and I both love you Squirt.

With love,



from keen.