Monday, November 24, 2008

Cougar town.

Rise and shout, the COUGARS are out!
This weekend, Jesse's friends Ryan and Brad came into Cougartown for a visit. (From left to right starting at the top: Me, Jesse, Brad, Seth, Ryan, Aubster the mobster.) We showed them how cougars have a good time. Ryan really wanted to hike the Y. Once we got there we were freezing, so we all huddled up...looking down on Provo. It made me feel very grateful for my friends! They are so important to me. With Thanksgiving coming up this next week, I just want to tell all my friends and the people I love in my life how GRATEFUL I am for them. In this picture we have Jesse, Brad, and Aubry. Jesse just went home for Thanksgiving to be with his family and his dog Murphy I just met Brad this last weekend, and he is great.Here we have Seth and Aubry. And behind them, we have the home of the cougars. Happy Thanksgiving!

With Love,


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