Saturday, November 22, 2008

I think about things way too much.
I worry: probably much to much.
I like sad songs.
When I love something, I LOVE it.
I say things I don't mean when I'm frustrated.
People notice blond hair more than brown.
Not everyone will always agree with me.
Sometimes I think too much before I speak.
Other times I don't think at all.
I want to trust people, but sometimes I don't.
People are good.
I want to look pretty, but at times, really don't care.
I like the gap.
I don't care about shoes ( But I really like slippers cause my feet are always cold.)
I'm tired of school!
I'm not a very funny person, but I really like to laugh :)
I want to be there for the people I LOVE.
I hope to be someone someday.
I'm jealous of people who just do what they want to do.
I'm FAR from perfect.
When has it not been okay in the end?
I wish I knew more about the constellations.


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