Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A tribute to my dad.

Dads are very selfless. They love you, because you’re their kid. It doesn’t matter what you do, they love you. Sometimes, Dad’s don’t express their feelings like mom’s do. At times, it is easy to look past how much they really do care about you.

If your Dad is anything like mine, he has devoted his life to providing for his wife and kids. He has given up so many of his own dreams and ambitions to be the man that spends his days working hard at the office, and comes home at night, only to continue to help around the house and spend time with his family. If your Dad is like my dad, he doesn’t ask for anything…only gives. He never complains, only does what needs to be done and what is right. My dad is full of integrity, and obtains the greatest respect from those around him. Work is before play with my dad. His work ethics are like no one else I know. He is a selfless, wonderful man. I wish I were more like him.

In a few ways, I am like my dad. I am proud of that. My spirit awakens when I am told I am like my father; a new wave of hope washes over me…maybe, just maybe, on one fine day I can be the kind of person my dad is. That would be a true accomplishment.

Today I had a reminder of my Dad’s goodness and pure, untainted love for his children. Sometimes, I am not the easiest daughter to deal with. And much of the time, I am more of problem than I am a help. I wish I was the perfect child, but I’m just not. Despite the troubles I cause him, my father never stops loving me. He supports me, encourages me when I am in doubt, and expresses his love to me in his own “Dad” way.

With Love,



  1. I found you! Cute blog! We had fun this weekend with you guys!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Dad! He truly is as amazing as you have stated. It is so wonderful to feel your love for him through your words. What an amazing and incredible daughter you are! If you only knew that how truly beautiful you are inside and out. In a family you get the opportunity to really know your loved ones. You get to know all the incredible details that make them who they are! Well, all I can say is Kristen you are more wonderful then any parent has ever deserved. Love you tons!


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