Monday, February 2, 2009

Take a look at ELIZA!

I'm not an authority on fashion, but just like most ladies out there, I do want to be stylish and classy while maintaining my standards of dress and modesty. For this very reason, I have recently come to love ELIZA magazine. Not only does it cover the latest fashion trends, but has articles discussing the success of real people, businesses, and inspirational women who uphold a high standard lifestyle. ELIZA has sections on art, world occurrences and political issues. It is the type of publication that one can respect and feel confident in. Here's how they put it "We will not uncover the sexual secrets to make him want you, promote people who are glitz with no substance, or glorify lifestyles that we know do not bring happiness" ( I can really respect that. So check it out! Good job ELIZA.

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