Friday, February 6, 2009

the love of a girl...

When a female is born into this world, the process of becoming a "GIRL" begins. Her and the other little girls are going to play house, dress-up, and barbie dolls. The little girl will dream of prince and princesses, imagining the love and affection that she will one day find. She will look UP to older girls and admire every graceful move they make. One day, she will have herself a hopeless crush on a bOY. The boy will probably show her very little in return. He might even push her down on the playground or tell her that she is stupid. But she'll still LOVE him, because that is what girls do. Maybe she'll grow up to go to college, be a dentist, a school teacher, a mom...anything she wants to be. On one fine day, she'll meet another boy. But this boy will not pick on her at the playground. He'll hold her hand, and embrace her in his arms. She will long for him. She will fall in love. They may have fights. They may not always agree. But no matter what happens, she will LOVE him. Because that is what girls do. A girls love is something precious...something is something that every little boy needs. Just show her that you love her, and she will always be yours. So is the story of the little girl.

With Love,


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  1. Kristen you have just described exactly how i feel. How did you know?


from keen.