Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here's a question: what if life were perfect? Fair to say, certain aspects of it would probably be different...I would be a size zero, a good four to five inches taller, never face the torture of a bad hair day, and no matter what the day, place or time, always look idealistic. Academically, my transcripts would be nothing short of a steady stream of A's and no subject would cause me any amount of extra stress. I would never have to scrape ice off my windshield in the bitter cold of a winter morning, my breath would always smell minty fresh, and all my outfits would not only be completely adorable but also ridiculously comfortable. My future would be written out for me in plain and simple words and would include elements of your good read, the entertaining novel, inspiring success story, and girlish fairytale...all combined to make up the book of my perfect life.

But let’s be real. I'm surely not a size zero. I'm only 5'2". I am, in fact, having a bad hair day today, my breath smells gross when I wake up, Mother Nature makes sure the ice is on my windshield every morning and my transcripts are, unfortunately, not all A's. I know my life is not going to be anything like the novels or the fairytale, but here's the thing, the reason why I feel the urge to blog today and that is—I like it just the way it is.

Yesterday I soaked so long in a pool of self pity that my skin began to wrinkle. I felt sad. I dramatically came to the conclusion not to try anymore. It’s a stupid attitude and one should never succumb to it, but I did. But, fortunately, today was a new day. I got up, and decided that really…there is only so much that is in my control! And as for the stuff that I cannot navigate just the way I want, I’m just going to have some faith. So, here is my shout out to the world (or the few charming people who read my blog)--Life should be ebullient! Just do what you can. Do what is right, and seriously…it doesn’t have to be perfect.

With Love,



from keen.