Monday, March 9, 2009

the beautiful.

The beautiful things in the world: a lilac, a child's laughter, a good pair of jeans, a spontaneous moment, a clean kitchen, a first crush, a red Popsicle, the burn of ocean water, Pink lemonade, a long hug, a new mother's gaze, an unopened package of socks, a goodbye, a strangers smile, a very best friend, a twenty dollar bill found in a back pocket....though these are most definitely not all the beautiful things in the world, they are a good few. I admit that sometimes I get lost in the repetitive heartbeat of my daily routine. I easily forget to see 'the beautiful' around me, which is profoundly pathetic considering that the beautiful things in life are literally all around me. 'The beautiful' is in everyone and everything God has created.

To that other person I may just be another face on the street, another body in the hallway...they may not even notice me there. But we share the beautiful. The beautiful is in the sadness of a lonesome tear. It is in the joy of a bride-to-be. It is in the summer afternoon spent having a lemonade stand and running through the sprinklers. A moment that must be captured then, and only then, or you'll miss it. It is part of the process of changing from a child to an adult. And part of the child that will always be within us. It is the thread in the fabric of life; a good long talk with an old friend or a decent cry when one feels lost. 'The beautiful' holds us together even when we could easily fall apart.

To the ones I love so dearly- you are beautiful. To the ones I don't are too. So here is to the beautiful. The beautiful in me. And the beautiful in you.

With love,



  1. kristen. i love reading your blog. its always so meaningful. youre gorgeous inside and out!

  2. I love new socks too!

  3. how sweet of you to stop by - i'm so glad you commented. :) sounds like you're doing great - i'd love to keep in touch!

  4. The trick is training yourself to look for the beautiful. It surrounds us every day. Recognizing it is oft times the hardest part.


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