Sunday, March 8, 2009

the gLeNHoOd.

Aubry let me borrow her computer a couple days ago, and I couldn't help but reminisce through her IPhoto gallery. The following are some gems from our Glenwood years....

Yeah, I used to have blond hair and bangs! I know, right?

Aubry has gone through a lot of hair phases as well. She used to have long hair with thick bangs. They were really cute, but look how different she looks!

Our nasty apartment. We had a roommate who only lived with us for about a week and then moved out. Fortunately, she left us with a huge painting of her face on the wall. So we could always remember her. We liked to think that she was always watching.

Typical Freshman night, no dates, just Henry Weinhards and some friends, lots of excitement.

Aubry's side of the room. We called it "her pile".

Aubry chops off her hair! Another Aubry hair phase. We were all so proud of daring!

Another freshman night. A photo shoot after Aubry's hair was cut.

Halloween! We were headed to our ward's Classic Skate Halloween party...we used to do stuff like that. Awwww, good times :)

With love,



  1. I do believe it was a Halloween dance in the wilk but, hey, who cares!

  2. Oh yeah...just me and Aubry went to the roller night!


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