Friday, March 13, 2009

Run Forrest, Run.

Sometimes my mind runs a million miles per second, attempting to comprehend the complexity behind every issue, object, idea, opinion, etc... I'll be at Taco Bell, and I'll start thinking about how they calculate and predict how much food they will need each day, how many tortillas they'll need, how many beans they'll cook, and whatever else. I'll think about who takes care of the payroll, and what kind of computer program they have that takes care of that, and who designed that particular program, and how intelligent that person must be. (Because anyone who works with numbers or computers is automatically a genious in my mind). Then I think about computers, and how I have not even the vaguest idea of how a computer actually works or what a gigabyte really is. It goes on, an endless list of complexity. How something was created by someone, somewhere because of some reason I don't know.

I know that the complexity game is also innate within each of us females. There is most often a reason why that boy said that particular thing at the moment he chose to say it.
When really, the boy was just trying to say that he liked your shirt-no hidden agenda, no alternative motive. In fact, I can recall many specific times that my friends and I would sit around analyzing what a boy said, or texted, or facebooked. Sad but all too true. And I'm not crazy, it's just the way I am. Thankfully, over the course of time I have learned that most of the time when it comes to boys, things can just be taken the way they are said. Simple.

This past Tuesday night I watched Forrest Gump-a really great movie. And as I was watching it I realized how attracted I am to how simple Forrest views the world. Actually I was envious, because if you really lay it isn't all that simple. As a matter of fact, it is complex. The real change comes in how we decide to look at a problem, a word, a situation...whatever. We can look at it complex or we can look at it simple. I'd like to think from this moment on I'll look at it simply, through the eyes of a child....or through rose colored glasses, or whatever they say...but I probably won't. :)

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