Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If you're like me you probably need control even when there is really nothing more you can do. You worry, even when it doesn't really matter. You are probably inconsistent, yet steadfast, exhausted but full of enthusiasm, independent and also needy, unable to predict the future, but constantly making plans for tomorrow. You may cry your eyes out when faced with a road block, and simply laugh at other hardships. It's basically a whole lot of sometimes and never really knowing what you're going to be able to handle, or how you will handle it.

"Large fingers pushing paint, you're God and you've got big hands..." are the words Eddie Vedder, lead singer/guitarist for Pearl Jam, sang in "Sometimes"--the opening song to their 1996 album No Code. The song is ingenious. It describes human nature, and the struggle that we face when accepting that God is the one that knows what is best. The whole album focuses on lyrical themes that have to do with self-examination, morality, and spirituality. The song "Sometimes" really hit home. Without even knowing it, his words prompted me to zero in on the truth of human nature. Of course this interpretation is my own, but isn’t that what music is for...speaking to the individual soul?

Eddie is acknowledging that God has control over all things. He is the ultimate artist of this world and of every one of our lives. As humans, we often feel that we can’t make sense of things, even though we’d like to. “Seek my part, devote myself, my small self. Like a book amongst the many on a shelf.” Isn’t that really all we can do anyways? Just do what we can, looking to God to know what our detailed, and crucial part in this world is. He then goes on to sing…Sometimes I know. Sometimes I rise. Sometimes I fall. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I cringe. Sometimes I live. Sometimes I walk. Sometimes I kneel. Sometimes I speak of nothing at all Sometimes I reach to myself, dear God.”

That’s how it is. Sometimes we’ve got our lives in control. Sometimes we don’t. Other times we have got the world in our hands, and then at other times it’s rolling away… There are days when no stick or stone, word, or deed can hurt me, and other days when I am fragile and broken. So to you and you and you...just keep it up; it's okay if it doesn't work out sometimes! And to Eddie Vedder, thanks for the awesome song.

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Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't.

With love,

Kristen Ashlyn

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