Sunday, March 22, 2009

in these hard times

Outfit for the times..."The Couch Dress". Some say that the economic recession is going to put a harsh dent in the fashion industry, but this fashionista way!!!...not with brilliant ideas like these on the loose! Not only is this a dress with a charming, vintage-quilted-patch-like look, but also serves the economical purpose of covering your couch. When you have company over, it no longer matters how ugly your couch may be, just slip on your couch dress and ta da! It's practical. Economical. Affordable (considering it is a multi-purpose dress). And all around, quite intuitive. Take that economic recession.
With love,


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  1. I just bought the couch dress. I love it. Not only is it unflattering but it is also hideously ugly. For the low price of 349 dollars you can't afford not to buy it.


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