Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the lost boys

Stephanie Meyers has it all wrong. Yes, sorry ladies (and hopeful Edward's out there). If you are still waiting, yet to find the satisfaction of passion cradled in the oh-so-tempting thirst for human blood, and if you want the honest, uncommercialized truth about vampires...I suggest you spend 97 minutes watching the rockin' eighties film, "The Lost Boys". Originally released with the tagline, Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire, I guarantee that it's going to clarify the reality of vampire life. I know, I know....it's hard. I, too, was hesitant. No one really wants to believe the ugly faced traditions. You know, like how vampires have fangs, skeletal-like faces, wear capes and actually sleep hanging like bats (seriously...bats?) but it is time to face the truth, ugly as it may be.

But don't worry, no tears need be shed, cause in the end Edward is still going to love Bella.
I suggest checking it out. Take a preview HERE.

With Love,



  1. Edward is real. Don't believe this garbage. Edward is real!

  2. I love bella! I'm real!

  3. The new image of vampires rocks! No more nightmares. Now we're dreaming!


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