Sunday, May 24, 2009

my grandmothers jewlery

There is something about wearing my grandma’s jewelry that makes me feel very lovely. It goes beyond the beauty of vintage, of elegant earrings and locket necklaces. It’s a feeling of wearing not only something beautiful from generations passed but something with a story and with value; a relationship that you have to come to understand for yourself.

Yesterday I sat with my grandma talking about life’s ups and downs. She told me that in her experience, you never can predict how the future is going to be. I told her that I have already experienced the truth of that in my life. We agreed that life offers no guarantees. You just can't know. I thought about that a great deal. It just stuck with me. My grandma then began telling me the story behind the ring of hers that I was wearing.

She had gone to a street fair with a friend. There were rows of tents filled with fortune tellers, card reading, tea leaves, and palmistry. She purchased the ring at one of these tents. Its purpose was to predict the direction of future events by changing colors. Of course she didn’t actually believe the ring had such ability but bought it because it is so unique.

At times I’m sure my grandma wished that ring could give her a little hint as to what the future held, as I know her life was not a constant picnic. And today I sat, observing the detail of my grandmother’s beautiful ring, and I wished that it would magically reveal to me the unknown answers of tomorrow.

But for now I will hold my head high. I can only pray that I have inherited the strength and spunk of my grandma, the bravery and courage of my mother, and the overall beauty they share together. And one day I will share these qualities with my children. My heritage is one to be remembered, that will help me conquer the days and months to come. I will wear my grandma’s jewelry and be proud.
With love,

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