Thursday, June 11, 2009

a crazy little mixed up world

We've all heard about it. We've all felt it. Heck, we've all lived it every day of our lives...
This crazy little mixed up world.

Driving down the road listening to the radio and somehow, every song being played seems to be specifically addressing the relationship you are currently in. Tears fill your eyes.
Yes, somehow a memo was sent out to each individual radio station telling them to play every sappy, sad, pathetic love song that they possibly can during the brief twenty minute time period you will be traveling home.

It's a crazy little mixed up world.

Summertime comes, bathing suits are brought out and tan lines begin to appear.
The cold air finally packs it's bags to hit the road, when an early June chill/rain combination thinks it can vacation on your doorstep. So you're stuck inside for a week, hiding from the rain.
Hm....wishing you hadn't packed up all your winter clothes.

It's a crazy little mixed up world.

It's late at night and you are thinking about all three Back to the Future movies. A completely brilliant trilogy, but you're stuck wondering and tortured.
Thinking of whether or not life goes on for the others in the present, while Doc and Marty are in the past. Debating the technicality of the past now actually being the future. Because after all, they do go to the past in the future. Wait, what?

It's a crazy little mixed up world.

Watching Prison Break you realize that TV shows no longer have endings.
They go on, and they go on, and they (yes, you've got it) go on!
I had no idea people could physically experience so many things go horridly wrong in five minute intervals. And who would've of guessed that the plot could successfully thicken every seven minutes.

It's a crazy little mixed up world.

Contrary to my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys 5th grade mentality. The pretty girl does not always solve the mystery and get everything she sets her heart on.
The smart and daring girl does not always end up with Mr. Everything. And sometimes, the bad dude's actually do win.
But I still hope for Nancy and Ned's happily ever after. And yours. And mine.

It's a crazy little mixed up world.

With crazy love,

Kristen Ashlyn


  1. But we love this crazy little mixed up world, right?

  2. you write depressing messages.

  3. Of course we love it :)


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