Monday, July 27, 2009

hero quest.

The boys and I are deeply immersed in an on-going game of Hero Quest.
Yes, it involves Orcs, Wizards, Barbarians, Elfs, Skeleton Warriors, and Goblins...Our ultimate goal is to kill the evil Lord Zargon, but we are only on quest 4. Each Quest takes us an hour to two hours. I'm a little frustrated with my character right now (I'm the wizard), and though I like casting spells and having those powers, the games rules make it very difficult to use them or to participate in hand to hand combat. (I have the smallest amount of body points, so I can die fairly easy.) So, I have been strategizing in preparation for tonights Quest and coming up with some clever ways to really use my powers. Wish me luck!
With love,
Kristen Ashlyn

Sunday, July 26, 2009

worth fighting for.

picture from paper tissue

I once read that when you find true love, you need to be ready to fight for it. At the time I assumed that was just because life is hard, and without the bad we wouldn't have anything good. And though that is very true, I have recently learned that this statement is much more complex. There is a truth to fighting for love that you can only understand once you feel it.

Like when you watch a dear friend's eyes fill with tears upon realizing that though the love they have is real, it may not be meant to work...And yet, you watch them bravely fight on. Because that is what we do.

Or when you helplessly watch your best friend walk to her own broken heartbeat. You know she's in pain as she limps on by. It was a fight for love she fought long and hard, but could not win.

Like when you, yourself, are madly clinging to the love you believe in and live by. They say, "let go, free your calloused hands." But why would you? It's love. It's brilliant. It's magical. It's whimsical. It's worth fighting for, so you will.

Like the soon-to-be bride, pleading with her parents to approve. Her heart is torn and her love is shaken, but she fights because she is human. We want love.

We fight for love, even though it sometimes hurts.
I guess we fight because we hope that we will eventually win.

We win, when your dear friend smiles like he used to and he loves again.
We win, when her battle wounds heal and she can stand tall like she always did.
We win, when he holds you close on a special starry night.
We win, when we find love that lasts...
We win because we are willing to fight.

With love,

Kristen Ashlyn

Many times while you sleep I'm dreaming of what to keep to know your wish, to hold it true To slay the things that trouble you
-{Untitled} by the Smashing Pumpkins

Thursday, July 23, 2009

what I love...

paper tissue

I love...

this woman's hair color.
my waterviolet clinique lipstick
mcdonalds $1 large drinks
watching full house (yes, i know. i know.)
this woman's gold wedding band
clean kitchens
when my hair smells pretty
eating double chocolate fudge sundaes at 2 am

and you.

with love,

kristen ashlyn

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the girl.

Picture from here.
sometimes it's tricky being a girl...
but real good.

I admit, I can be crazy.
And it's true...moody days should be expected.
Sometimes, I don't know why I feel
the way I feel.
And at times, I just need a hug.
Also, starry nights make me want to waltz.
Classic rock keeps me swaying.
Chocolate is medicine.
I'll stay in your arms if you hold me tight.
Wavy hair makes me feel free.
Don't underestimate what the girl can do.
I'm tough.
But I like to be charmed.Picture from paper tissue.
Big sunglasses can act as a mask.
Fluffy clouds against a meaningful blue sky.
Not scared to give you my heart.
The giraffe is my spirit animal.
I know who I am.
But sometimes I wonder.
There are times I just have to let go.
Dresses are fun to wear.
It's the beautiful girl.

Picture from paper tissue.

Girls, what makes you beautiful?

With love,

Kristen Ashlyn

Some Patsy Cline at Rhapsody...take a listen to Walkin' After Midnight

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July.

The 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays! All the red, white, and blue overwhelms me with pride, love, and gratitude for this beautiful land I am blessed to live in.
Aubry and I were up at 4:30 a.m (which, unfortunately I do not have pictures of) to save a spot for the infamous Freedom Days Parade in Provo, UT.
The pre-parade consisted of an enthusiastic visit from the Star Wars crew. Darth Vadar and Anakin, along with the Storm Troopers all marched down Center Street together.
Anakin, sorry but the newer movies just don't cut it. Luke and Hans were so much cooler.

My family came. This is my sister Nichel.

Brother, sister. :)

Kristen and Aubry. I love parades.
The girls: (from left to right) Kristen, Me (kristen), Aubry, Caraline, and Emma.

Jesse's mom and sister, both so beautiful!

My family!

We were both extremely excited for the 4th!

Little baby Will.

Oh Aubry, I already miss you!

Just watch the gigantic Madeline in the background...

Word to your Cosmo.

After the parade we ate at the street fair and then went boating on Utah lake.
Jesse, surfing the wake.

Ha, I like this picture. Ryan, American do-rag, lying on the back of a boat on the 4th. It all just sings so sweetly.



Brit and I.

And then onto the Stadium of Fire!

Rocking to the Jonas Brothers.

The whole group. Awwww. :)

And to finish off the day, we lit some of our own fireworks.

Brad and I.

Best friends. You can see Jesse and Brit holding hands if you look closely.
I threw in some random pictures there at the end, but there you go.
It was the best 4th of July yet.
Hope yours was just as fabulous!
With love,
Kristen Ashlyn

and then we crawled into a cave...

One starry night...
4 friends went on a hike.
There were lots of tall rocks.
They found a cave and crawled in.
They wore headlamps so they could see.
(I honestly don't know why these boys can't take normal pictures.)

So of course, they decided to watch x-files in the cave, all night long.

With love,

Kristen Ashlyn