Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July.

The 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays! All the red, white, and blue overwhelms me with pride, love, and gratitude for this beautiful land I am blessed to live in.
Aubry and I were up at 4:30 a.m (which, unfortunately I do not have pictures of) to save a spot for the infamous Freedom Days Parade in Provo, UT.
The pre-parade consisted of an enthusiastic visit from the Star Wars crew. Darth Vadar and Anakin, along with the Storm Troopers all marched down Center Street together.
Anakin, sorry but the newer movies just don't cut it. Luke and Hans were so much cooler.

My family came. This is my sister Nichel.

Brother, sister. :)

Kristen and Aubry. I love parades.
The girls: (from left to right) Kristen, Me (kristen), Aubry, Caraline, and Emma.

Jesse's mom and sister, both so beautiful!

My family!

We were both extremely excited for the 4th!

Little baby Will.

Oh Aubry, I already miss you!

Just watch the gigantic Madeline in the background...

Word to your Cosmo.

After the parade we ate at the street fair and then went boating on Utah lake.
Jesse, surfing the wake.

Ha, I like this picture. Ryan, American do-rag, lying on the back of a boat on the 4th. It all just sings so sweetly.



Brit and I.

And then onto the Stadium of Fire!

Rocking to the Jonas Brothers.

The whole group. Awwww. :)

And to finish off the day, we lit some of our own fireworks.

Brad and I.

Best friends. You can see Jesse and Brit holding hands if you look closely.
I threw in some random pictures there at the end, but there you go.
It was the best 4th of July yet.
Hope yours was just as fabulous!
With love,
Kristen Ashlyn

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