Sunday, July 26, 2009

worth fighting for.

picture from paper tissue

I once read that when you find true love, you need to be ready to fight for it. At the time I assumed that was just because life is hard, and without the bad we wouldn't have anything good. And though that is very true, I have recently learned that this statement is much more complex. There is a truth to fighting for love that you can only understand once you feel it.

Like when you watch a dear friend's eyes fill with tears upon realizing that though the love they have is real, it may not be meant to work...And yet, you watch them bravely fight on. Because that is what we do.

Or when you helplessly watch your best friend walk to her own broken heartbeat. You know she's in pain as she limps on by. It was a fight for love she fought long and hard, but could not win.

Like when you, yourself, are madly clinging to the love you believe in and live by. They say, "let go, free your calloused hands." But why would you? It's love. It's brilliant. It's magical. It's whimsical. It's worth fighting for, so you will.

Like the soon-to-be bride, pleading with her parents to approve. Her heart is torn and her love is shaken, but she fights because she is human. We want love.

We fight for love, even though it sometimes hurts.
I guess we fight because we hope that we will eventually win.

We win, when your dear friend smiles like he used to and he loves again.
We win, when her battle wounds heal and she can stand tall like she always did.
We win, when he holds you close on a special starry night.
We win, when we find love that lasts...
We win because we are willing to fight.

With love,

Kristen Ashlyn

Many times while you sleep I'm dreaming of what to keep to know your wish, to hold it true To slay the things that trouble you
-{Untitled} by the Smashing Pumpkins


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  2. I love you Kristen. I miss you. Remember that you are amazing and deserve only the best!


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