Sunday, August 30, 2009

deep breaths.

paper tissue

just take deep breaths. i know it hurts.

kristen a.

heard it in a love song.

{aubs, erin, jess and me}
miss you.

Aubs, you are are going to Mongolia. I miss your bluntness, loud screams, and friendship.
Erin, you're at Creighton. I miss coming home and seeing you carving teeth and our sleepless sleepovers on our sofas.
Jess, you are in D.C. teaching the kids to read. I miss our late night chats after aubs and erin went to bed. I miss our late night fast food runs and making you laugh, cause you always laugh at me.

Girls, lets take over the world...again.


kristen a.

p.s. all this change is really getting to me. change, please stop.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

...said with joy.

{picture taken by jesse in goshen, ut}

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog. If you had asked me then if I was going to keep it up, I probably would've just laughed...but here we are.
It's become an important part of my life; it is a journal of sorts, a record of personal thoughts, feelings, interests, and memories I always want remembered. I couldn't help but smile as a read over the very first post, feel the past struggle of trying times as I found comfort in the words of Dr. Suess, laugh at good past times under the Y, get teary-eyed with gratitude for my wonderful Dad, and enjoy my occasional rants about life.

In the past year I have moved three times, lost my roommates of three years, traveled to many different and exotic places, laughed for ten minutes straight, stayed up into all hours of the night crying with dear friends, made new friends, and have become even more ocd.
At times I couldn't help but laugh at the surprising turns my life took. And at other times, I just had to cry. Thanks for sharing it with me.

It's been one beautiful year.

kristen a.

p.s. This picture was taken in the small, very small, town of Goshen, UT. We were lost and figured we might as well enjoy the vintage pepsi machines.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the honeyed skirt.

{the honeyed peplum skirt by leifsdottir}
found at anthropologie.

I am completely head over heels for this skirt.
The pleated ruffle drips over the hips are so feminine and the honey color is just darling.
Now if only I had $258.00 extra dollars to treat myself to a skirt....
Oh well, its still so pretty to look at.


kristen a.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

over the chain link fence.

Yes, I'm still here. Just waiting.
I'm staying right here, yeah don't worry.
Unfortunately I've never had a problem giving it away, my heart .
In fact, I'm quite good at it.
For some reason I don't like just keeping it for myself.
The thing then no longer beats for me.
It beats for you.
Yeah, you. Hence, I'm waiting.
Just watching over the grass,
for the day when the beat is mine once more.'s kind of cold out here, but that's okay.
I'll stay until it gets warm.
Hey look, I'm over here and I'm pretty tired.


kristen a.

Friday, August 21, 2009

best friend, this is for you

paper tissue

Best friend, I love you.
And when I say I love you, I mean...

that I love the way you always make me laugh,
and that your skin always smells like soap,
and how you always let me choose the flavor of soda we drink.
I love the way the lady at Thai Kitchen knows us so well...
cause we're her only customers,
and the way you sing about your dog.
I love the way you laugh with your friends,
and your guilty look when I walk in and you're still playing video games.
I love your color hair and how you enjoy playing with mine,
the way you defend your friends,
and are willing to fight for what you love.
I love that old Taurus and that it sat for three months without gas,
and how we drove to California to see the beach.
I love the ugly flower you gave me,
and our occasional shopping trips to deseret industries,
along with our dollar menu dinners.
I love that we saw glen beck at Christmas time
and talked to Spiderman in Hollywood.
I love watching x-files and making fun of Skully,
and that you got me liking the Simpsons.
I love that you could eat berries of all kinds all day long
and how you pull at your very long eyelashes
and make fun of how I eat a burrito with a fork.
I love that you are my best friend and that you know what I'm thinking.
I love having you as a best friend.


kristen a.

some rare footage...

About three years ago I came home from spending the summer in Oahu, Hawaii. I attended school out there at Brigham Young University Hawaii. In commemoration of the experience and beautiful memory that it is and was, I have decided to post some rare footage of me and a dear friend hula dancing. Yes, I understand that you have now found your way to the edge of your chair, bench, couch, whatever... in complete anticipation of the following videos...but please, before your hopes are set too high, please keep in mind that I had learned this dance about four minutes previous to the actual filming and oh my hannah, I am talented. Enjoy.

This first one is of me, attempting to hula dance for my very first time.

And and then with some practice....

Katie was the one with the real talent.

She was laughing in every take, while I was trying to take it seriously.

We were really good.
Here are a few photos as well...

Chanel and I at the Hukilau Cafe. Num num, blueberry pancakes.

The Laie Hawaii Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Katie and I at Sunset Beach on North Shore Oahu, a.k.a my very favorite beach.

Katie, hyped up on Guava Nectar Juice.
She is now married and has a beautiful little girl...and I'm Auntie Kristen.
It makes me feel kinda old, even though I'm really not.

And finally, a little trip to the Ala Moana shopping center in Honolulu :).

Can't believe it's been three years.

With love,

kristen a.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the tin man.

picture brought to you by paper tissue
do you ever get answers when you least expect it?
have you ever realized something that you probably should have realized long ago, but you didn't because you now realize it was something you could only understand now?
do you ever lie awake at night for hours upon hours, wishing you could tell your mind to please rest?
do you struggle resisting the urge to jump into swimming pools, immersing yourself completely, even when you don't want to get your hair wet?
do you really suck at goodbyes?
do you love wrapping up in a freshly washed blanket?
do you hate packing up your kitchen to move to a new place, with new people, while losing friends you've loved for a very long time?
do you wish you had a sandwich right now from that place we got sandwiches from downtown a few days ago?
did you kind of hate the movie 500 Days of Summer but at the same time, kind of love it?

I do.
with love,

kristen a.

priscilla ahn.

a recent love of mine...miss priscilla ahn. also check out her myspace.

oh so lovely.

with love,

kristen a.

urban lovely.

urban outfitters

I am very fond of this Fletcher by Lyell silk print day dress.
It can be found at Urban Outfitters.

With love,

kristen a.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wedding at mission bay...

This past weekend we took a little trip to my cousin's wedding in San Diego. First, we stopped off at the beach.

Next stop, a beautiful wedding on Mission Bay.

Eric could not stop smiling. :)

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen...

The maid of honor, her sister, my cousin, Becky.

Bryson, the ringbearer.

Flower girl.

My cousin Sarah and her dad. She was absolutely beautiful.

They poured separate vases of sand into one, representing their unity.

Immediately after the ceremony the cocktail hour and dinner began.

Me, Cody, Siera, and Nichel.

The bride and groom and us...

The table settings.

Their cake was beautiful.

Open bar went all night long...

But we just stuck with our Shirley Temples and Coca Cola.

Bryson in his little chuck taylors.

The reception house was right on Mission Bay.

It was beautiful!
With love,
Kristen Ashlyn