Friday, August 21, 2009

best friend, this is for you

paper tissue

Best friend, I love you.
And when I say I love you, I mean...

that I love the way you always make me laugh,
and that your skin always smells like soap,
and how you always let me choose the flavor of soda we drink.
I love the way the lady at Thai Kitchen knows us so well...
cause we're her only customers,
and the way you sing about your dog.
I love the way you laugh with your friends,
and your guilty look when I walk in and you're still playing video games.
I love your color hair and how you enjoy playing with mine,
the way you defend your friends,
and are willing to fight for what you love.
I love that old Taurus and that it sat for three months without gas,
and how we drove to California to see the beach.
I love the ugly flower you gave me,
and our occasional shopping trips to deseret industries,
along with our dollar menu dinners.
I love that we saw glen beck at Christmas time
and talked to Spiderman in Hollywood.
I love watching x-files and making fun of Skully,
and that you got me liking the Simpsons.
I love that you could eat berries of all kinds all day long
and how you pull at your very long eyelashes
and make fun of how I eat a burrito with a fork.
I love that you are my best friend and that you know what I'm thinking.
I love having you as a best friend.


kristen a.


from keen.