Sunday, August 30, 2009

heard it in a love song.

{aubs, erin, jess and me}
miss you.

Aubs, you are are going to Mongolia. I miss your bluntness, loud screams, and friendship.
Erin, you're at Creighton. I miss coming home and seeing you carving teeth and our sleepless sleepovers on our sofas.
Jess, you are in D.C. teaching the kids to read. I miss our late night chats after aubs and erin went to bed. I miss our late night fast food runs and making you laugh, cause you always laugh at me.

Girls, lets take over the world...again.


kristen a.

p.s. all this change is really getting to me. change, please stop.

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  1. Aw, I miss you too Kristen! My new roommates are cool but not as cool, caring, or funny as you! Let's do take over the world.


from keen.