Saturday, August 29, 2009

...said with joy.

{picture taken by jesse in goshen, ut}

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog. If you had asked me then if I was going to keep it up, I probably would've just laughed...but here we are.
It's become an important part of my life; it is a journal of sorts, a record of personal thoughts, feelings, interests, and memories I always want remembered. I couldn't help but smile as a read over the very first post, feel the past struggle of trying times as I found comfort in the words of Dr. Suess, laugh at good past times under the Y, get teary-eyed with gratitude for my wonderful Dad, and enjoy my occasional rants about life.

In the past year I have moved three times, lost my roommates of three years, traveled to many different and exotic places, laughed for ten minutes straight, stayed up into all hours of the night crying with dear friends, made new friends, and have become even more ocd.
At times I couldn't help but laugh at the surprising turns my life took. And at other times, I just had to cry. Thanks for sharing it with me.

It's been one beautiful year.

kristen a.

p.s. This picture was taken in the small, very small, town of Goshen, UT. We were lost and figured we might as well enjoy the vintage pepsi machines.

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