Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the tin man.

picture brought to you by paper tissue
do you ever get answers when you least expect it?
have you ever realized something that you probably should have realized long ago, but you didn't because you now realize it was something you could only understand now?
do you ever lie awake at night for hours upon hours, wishing you could tell your mind to please rest?
do you struggle resisting the urge to jump into swimming pools, immersing yourself completely, even when you don't want to get your hair wet?
do you really suck at goodbyes?
do you love wrapping up in a freshly washed blanket?
do you hate packing up your kitchen to move to a new place, with new people, while losing friends you've loved for a very long time?
do you wish you had a sandwich right now from that place we got sandwiches from downtown a few days ago?
did you kind of hate the movie 500 Days of Summer but at the same time, kind of love it?

I do.
with love,

kristen a.

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