Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today I spent a small portion of my day with an
elderly man named
Bob taught me a lot in our brief time together.

Bob is in his seventies and loves the outdoors.
He told me a lot about his life...what he loves and why he loves it.
Bob has a best friend: his wife.
Bob has a family and friends that bring light to his eyes.
Bob's smile is contagious.

We are two very different stories. Not only do we have fifty-years
or so between us, but I'm sure he knows a lot more than me.
I admire Bob. He loves life.
His wise words, squinty eyes and brilliant smile filled me with
new hope for the future.

I learned a lot today.

I learned that walking down a steep drive way in high-heels is comical.
I need to be careful how much I spend at Target.
I love wearing dresses.
It just so happens it is possible to miss him
more than I did before.
with some kind words from an elderly man named Bob
you won't feel as alone.

Thanks Bob.


kristen a.

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  1. i stumbled upon your blog one day and i like it... we went to school together. you probably dont remember me... i hope this isnt creepy. Ha

    anyways, cute blog!


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