Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dear friend.

dear friend,

today was a random day. i fought with my next door neighbors...but only because they had a lot of attitude, which really pushed my limits of "loving thy neighbors"....after repeatedly parking in my underground parking spot. but shortly after my favorite cousin, craig, called me...just to chat. and he made me very happy. he's practically my older brother and has always looked out for me.

after that i spent the whole morning with my sister. i love my sister. she's a good person, who makes me want to be better. we laugh a lot...just like girls do. and the best part was that the nice guy at taco bell gave us free drinks, instead of a couch we found a vintage eighties bathing suit at d.i., and were then attacked by d.i.'s own 007 fully armed with a tagging gun.

when i came home i realized how much i hated the wall in my basement room. so i went to home depo and bought some paint. it looks so clean and pure white now. while painting, siera and i couldn't resist our hearts urge to dance to tubthumping by chumbawamba. so we did, and we ended up dancing all night. my roommate thinks we are crazy...maybe we are, but sometimes you've just got to let it out.

i can't stop thinking about that secret she told me. how it's going to change her whole life...and how she's giving up so much, for love. and i'm still thinking about that young girl working at the home store, with a pregnant belly and no ring on her finger...i can't help but feel sad for her. and sometimes i still get a little overwhelmed...but that is ok. really, it is. and i'll pray for you because this life is just too short not to.


kristen a.

i get knocked down
but i get up again
you're never going
to keep me down...

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  1. I'm glad you fought with the neighbors. Because even girls with Trailblazers need to share. I'm glad Craig called you. I'm glad Taco Bell is run by generous souls, i was thirsty. But even more so I am glad perfect strangers care enough to check if the tacos we were eating were good... even though we were both stuffing ourselves with burritos. I'm glad you called it Home Depo because that beautiful white paint that shines like angel wings actually came from Home Depot. I love that you wouldn't know that. I am glad we had that dance party and laughed. I'm glad me and you are smart enough to not have such a stupid secret. I'm thrilled beyond belief that my sister is going to be the next big thing at the pool in her 80's neon. But mostly I'm just glad we spent the day together friend.


from keen.