Saturday, October 31, 2009


{halloween 2007}

Happy Halloween!

just some random halloween pictures from two years ago...

{kirsten, aubry, jessica and me}

weren't we cool?
be safe.
and don't get beat up by any girls.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


paper tissue

because it's chilly outside but it feels so whimsical.
because i slept so peacefully last night.
because i went to the dentist and had no cavities.
because this morning i ate a delicious mint brownie from
flour girls and dough boys.
because dancing to down by jay sean is fantastic.
because taylor just released a platinum ed. of fearless with
six new songs. love her.
because each step you take onto the pavement is in your control.
running puts life into perspective.
because i have a heart to share with others. and to give if i choose.
because you are you. and i am me.

mmm...the best mint brownie ever.


Monday, October 26, 2009

that time.

{yours truly, ashley, suzanne}
hey, remember that time we went long-boarding down the provo canyon.
that was fun.

{suzanne the rockstar}
hey, remember that time that it was suzanne's first time longboarding...ever.
and remember that that time was not only her first time, but it was at night time and down a canyon.
but she rocked it anyways.

{caleb, can't remember, and me}
hey remember that time i wore the most comfortable sweater in the world with my favorite orange hat.
love that sweater.

{me and siera my sister who will take over the world}
hey remember that time when i have a gorgeous sister, who in this picture looks just like my other beautiful sister...
and that same time when siera sang us pokerface.

{suzanne and i love our paparazzi shots}
hey remember that time caleb held suzanne the whole way down so she didn't die.
and how you can see that i just tripped in the background.

hey remember that time that the alice lane girls were rockstars...again.

oh yeah. that time was a good time.


inspiration. regina spektor. 'that time'.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

just good.

I really enjoyed this mormon message...
from the official youtube channel from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Also, check out this address on religious freedom
given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks at BYU-Idaho.



{thank you}

i'm very blessed.
and i may be feeling overly emotional today, but i must share
what i am grateful for.

because you see...

i am grateful for you.
yes, i appreciate that you take the time to read what i have to say.
thank you.

i am grateful for friends named suz,
that constantly teach me the ways of a rockstar
...just cause thats how they are.

to midol, i am profoundly grateful for you.
four tablets later...
and i'm as chipper as a meadow lark.

diane, thank you for the halloween package.
it produced happy tears.
and dark chocolate peanut m&m's...thank you.

cardigan. oh, how i am grateful for you.
you spice up any old outfit.
and you're so in style this season.

to second chances, thank you for coming to me.
i mess up a lot...
you know that, and you are good to me.

to aubry, i miss you.
i am grateful for your example as a person.
and the best friend you are.
(and i'm sorry you're still waiting for your visa)

the teacher that doesn't know the impact of their words
thank you for enlightening me.
you'll probably never know how you've helped.

i am grateful that i know God loves me.
and no, He doesn't expect me to be perfect.
He never has.

and i'm thankful, oh so thankful for you dear.

oh, and for this cheesy song...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

catch me a dream.

paper tissue

please. catch me a dream.
a dream about happiness and where it is found.
or perhaps, catch me a dream of a sweet ocean breeze.
a slumber accompanied by a dream of achievement.
possibly a dream of love and gentle rain.
catch me a dream i will dare to remember.
or a dream that leads me far, far away.
catch me the next unknowing step into my future,
a dream that will wisp all my sorrows away.
warm hot chocolate and crackling fires,
please catch the dreams that need to be caught.
the dreams of the world,
of people and places and faces i do not know.
glide through the feathers until the sun does rise.
please. catch me a dream.


Monday, October 19, 2009

with an eye infection.

being twenty-one has posed an interesting question. well, interesting to me.

who am i?

who is this girl i am looking at in the mirror...the one with the eye infection and the small freckles?

the world sees a girl with blond hair, blue eyes (one of which is mostly red with infection at present)...its really just a face, a face like any other face in the crowd.

but see, that is where they are wrong. and today is the day when i tell the world who that girl is.

so world, if you gave me the choice i would like to have an endless supply of soft scrub bleach gel (preferably in the squirt bottle) and...frosted mini wheats.

my ideal day would begin with a deep clean of the kitchen, polished faucets, bleached counters, mopped walls (i feel a smidge of claustrophobia when i sense my walls are dirty), the swishing tune of the dishwasher working its magic and the sweet aroma of my thymes apricot quince all- purpose cleaner.

yes, i'm ocd about my kitchen being clean. and i'm not ashamed to admit that my vacuum cleaner is truly one of my best friends.

sometimes i wake up and i'm certain i was born at the wrong time in history. my passion for 70's country rock music, vintage dresses, and old-fashioned mannerisms leaves me questioning my place in today's world...

but at the same time, know i am who i am at this very time for a purpose that i just don't know yet. i'll just make sure the 70's rocks on until i take over the world.

i'm obsessed with thrift stores. and baggy sweatshirts with long sleeves that cover my hands. and once was run over on stage by a ginger bread man while performing as a piece of taffy in the california ballet company's production of the nutcracker.

it has taken twenty-one years, but i have finally learned to just
not be scared of the world. i will fight hard for my friends. i will protect my family with all the strength i have. and without fearing, i will stand up for what i believe and take the criticism and opinions others have to offer.

i'm not afraid.

as a little girl i lived in san diego, california. we had beautiful fruit trees and a whimsical garden. amongst the beauty, was my play house. i would play in it with my sisters, make dinner, wear pretend glasses, and clean the bedroom (which was technically just a small mat on the floor). after a hard day's work, i'd head out to save the world.

i knew what i wanted at a young age.

and to be honest, it hasn't changed much.

family is the most important thing in the world to me. i strongly believe in it. i know that my family is an astoundingly large part of me and influences the girl i always have been, the lady i am pretending to be, and the woman i will one day become.

i love God. and i believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. i am a latter-day saint and religion is an incredible and detailed part of my life. in fact, i would say it truly makes most, if not all of the person i am today. my belief in God and His Son gives me faith to endure through things i may not understand and gives me everlasting hope, when i feel all is lost.

the ocean has always brought me a sense of place.

some of my earliest, and fondest memories, are of sunday morning walks down the beach with my grandma. running through the tide caves while sporting the chicken pox. spending summers at the condo on ocean beach, ca. and spending many, many days at sunset beach on the north shore of oahu.

sometimes i'm a rockstar. other times, i'm shy. sometimes i'm a fashionista. most the time i'm just a baggy t-shirt and jeans.

sometimes i'm grumpy. sometimes i'm awful nice. sometimes i'm very sad. sometimes i'm so happy i cry. sometimes i'm a teacher. most of the time i'm a student.

sometimes i'll be your rock. sometimes you'll be mine. sometimes i'm as strong as an ox. other times i'll melt in your arms.

i'm guilty of enjoying she wolf by shakira and running to dollhouse by priscilla renea, watching too much 'friends', and having a girl crush on jennifer aniston.

i am good at giving my heart away. unfortunately, that means its no longer mine...and its beat is not for me. and that can cause hurt. i'm scared of hurt. but i know it's just part of life. and i'm okay with the risk.

really, i'm simple.

i'm just the girl that loves kisses, wasn't very social in high school, likes to let her hair to grow long, enjoys good mexican food, hates eye-shadow, wears her grandmothers jewlery, and loves to love and be loved.

just a girl. with an eye infection. and small freckles.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

witches night out.

on friday night, a group of us spent a couple hours at the
annual witches night out at gardner village.
so much fun!

here are some pictures of the darling event.

these ladies are all so much fun.

hocus pocus.

we'll be back with our cackles
and even better hats next year!


Friday, October 16, 2009

please find me.

paper tissue

"Somewhere someone is traveling furiously toward you,
At incredible speed, traveling day and night,
Through blizzards and desert heat, across torrents,
through narrow passes.
But will he know where to find you,
Recognize you when he sees you,
Give you the thing he has for you?..."

John Ashbery, At North Farm

i like this.
hopefully he will find me someday.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the little old man with funny glasses and a bow tie.

paper tissue

now that i'm twenty-one i...

met an old man with funny glasses
and a striped bow tie.
my horoscope said this is the year my most desired
dream will come true.
purchased a fabulous turquoise dress with gold buttons.
took a long walk with my sister up
the autumn toned canyon.
saw a movie i probably won't see again.
cried in the chilly october rain.
realized that friends fill my heart with
an irreplaceable love.
enjoyed fabulous sushi and some free cheesecake.
got new leather boots.


went to sleep because i was very sleepy.
goodnight little old man with the striped bow tie...
and the funny glasses.



Friday, October 9, 2009

your true self.

paper tissue

no man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.

~nathaniel hawthorne, the scarlet letter

one of my very favorite pieces of literature.
it truly captures human nature.


kristen a.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, I figure I won’t be in Provo much longer. Or I guess I should say: I hope I will not be in Provo much longer. Now don’t get me wrong, our relationship is swell. In fact, one of the best I’ve ever had. Provo and I have had our highs and lows, but it has become a part of me…and I believe it feels the same way.

So with such a profound affection for one another, I have come up with a list of my favorite characteristics of dear Provo.

{number one}

The university avenue bum. Those of you who live/have lived in the Provo area most likely know or have seen the bearded man of which I speak. However, it is not the bum himself that I look forward to seeing…it is the darling little cougar (aka byu student) of the day that decides to be a good Samaritan and stop to chat with, offer food to, or entertain the homeless man. I have seen many a classic cougar moment with the university bum: ranging from pizza picnics, to chats over seven eleven drinks…to leisurely walks with popsicles as he takes his daily jaunt up and down university. Oh those cougars, they are better people than me…

{number two}

Rajh. Yes, our friend Rajh can almost always be found on the seven eleven on university and five hundred. Now, it is not his dirty jokes or strange stories that get me…but the fact that whenever I walk in and he says “hello” and whenever I leave he says “thank you, come again"... I can’t help but be taunted by his resemblance to Apu from the Simpsons….and it makes me laugh, EVERYTIME. Apu is the beloved proprietor of the Kwik-e-Mart that the Simpsons often go to. Rajh is the cherished cashier at my favorite seven eleven where I purchase my cold diet cokes. And trust me, when he says those two phrases, “hello” and “thank you come again” I swear it is Apu himself gracing my life for just a few moments in the Kwik-e-mart. The resemblance is enough to take you back to the world of springfield…

{number three}

The ‘no shhsh zone’. For those of you who are not familiar with the BYU library, there is a popular section called the “no shhsh zone”. It’s basically what the name implies…you don’t have to be quiet in this part of the library. Yeah, you can talk all you want! Exciting, I know. But be forewarned this is no area for the serious student. It has in fact become the section for many an awkward pick-up line, shameless flirting, and what some call the “soul stare”.You know, the famous byu stare, deep into the soul of another individual... "Is she the one?"..."Is he my future?" I don't have much more to say about this. Just be careful. You must exercise extreme caution in this area.

{number four}

miniature snowmen. this is truly something that i look forward to every year. you may have experienced utah winters before but if you haven't--they are cold--and there tends to be a lot of snow. now, i'm not sure if the snow is simply just a temptation to passing cougars or if they just need a little cheer in the gloominess of winter, but every winter, usually around the first big snow...miniature snowmen seem to pop up out of nowhere, scattered in different places around campus. they are small and can easily be made in the ten minute break between classes. every winter as i walk to the library i'm delighted to see those little's like a warm welcome to a night of rigorous studying. thanks provo snowmen makers.

{number five}

college town. i know that there are many people who come to provo and dislike the enclosed "college town" feel it has. but i love it! honestly, you will never live in any place like it again. so i say, eat it up. its just special. and if you are not convinced...ask yourself the following questions: where else can you get a j-dog? at what other unversity campus can you not find a single drop of caffeine?
where else are you guaranteed to get a boot on your car at least twice in your time here? (compliments of university parking)...and where else can you walk the streets, and look at the person passing by...and know that you probably have very different stories to tell, different backgrounds etc...but at the same time, know you share common beliefs, values, and a fabulous life under the Y? mmm. i love it.

thanks provo.


kristen a.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the glasshouse dress.

another perfect dress by leifsdottir...
the glasshouse dress

...found at {anthropologie}.

it'll be in my dreams tonight.


kristen a.

p.s. my dresses aren't nearly as fabulous as leifsdottir,
but i'm pleased to inform i have finally finshed them.
i just need to take some pictures now. i'll post them soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

come back soon.

{brad and i, fourth of july 2009}

this weekend was general conference.
not only was i enlightened, inspired, and humbled
by leaders who i believe are called of God,
but i was able to spend some time with my friends
brad and brit.
it was so good to see them.
unfortunately, i didn't have a camera.
but up above is a picture of brad and i from this past summer
and below is a picture of brit and i from the summer as well.

unfortunately, i don't have a picture of us three together.


kristen a.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the story of a little secret.

{photoshoot with jessica}

really, it's not hard to comprehend.
but really, it is.
it's quite a happy little tale.
at times rather sad.
yes is the story of them.
the story of you...
and of me.

{it's the story of the first day}
when you find yourself staring into their eyes. to your delight, it is much longer than the usual passing glance. the goodbye hug becomes just a little tighter...a tiny bit longer than it was the day before. when words can suddenly be expressed through eyes and touches take on a new, profound meaning. you're not really sure what to expect. without realizing it, you find yourself scared of what may or may not come.
it's like you have a delightful little secret. something to keep your heart beating.

{it's the story of that one day}
the day when you knew you were wrong but it wasn't the kind of 'wrong' that you beat yourself up for. it is the 'wrong' that makes you want to be a better person. it is the day when you are truly humbled and are better for it. you cry, not out of sadness but as a sign of life. you were born into this world with tears in your are crying because you are alive.
it's like you have a warm little secret. something to hope for in your future.

{it's the story of the last day}
it is the day you say goodbye. you watch your world flash flood by. change is as swift as the water you wade in. straining for air, you wave your arms in desperation. you didn't expect this day to arrive so soon. you couldn't have prepared for these feelings even if you tried. just watch as the car drives away, knowing there is no tomorrow.
it's like you have a piercing little secret. something to keep you up at night.

{it's the story of that special day}
it is the day when nothing else matters. you watch as your world is filled with happiness. sure, you know everything won't always be this good, but you are going to capture it while it is. it is the day when it is no longer about you, it is about them...about those who need you. your problems are no longer of importance. because you see the true colors of life.
it's like you have a perfect little secret. something to share with the world.

the story of those days, are just a few of the many we all experience.
but i love them. i love these little secrets.

with love,

kristen a.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

something borrowed.

Just wanted to throw out a quick congrats to my roommate Lindsey.
{pictured here in the middle of me and siera}
She just got engaged a few days ago and we're very excited for her!

And no, my hair is not brown again.
This picture was taken last December at Spark in downtown Provo.

But it's the only one I have of us three.

with love,

kristen a.