Wednesday, October 21, 2009

catch me a dream.

paper tissue

please. catch me a dream.
a dream about happiness and where it is found.
or perhaps, catch me a dream of a sweet ocean breeze.
a slumber accompanied by a dream of achievement.
possibly a dream of love and gentle rain.
catch me a dream i will dare to remember.
or a dream that leads me far, far away.
catch me the next unknowing step into my future,
a dream that will wisp all my sorrows away.
warm hot chocolate and crackling fires,
please catch the dreams that need to be caught.
the dreams of the world,
of people and places and faces i do not know.
glide through the feathers until the sun does rise.
please. catch me a dream.



  1. Did you write this? I love it. I need to call you this weekend when I get more minutes!

  2. yes i did dear. and yes, please call me! I miss you!


from keen.