Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, I figure I won’t be in Provo much longer. Or I guess I should say: I hope I will not be in Provo much longer. Now don’t get me wrong, our relationship is swell. In fact, one of the best I’ve ever had. Provo and I have had our highs and lows, but it has become a part of me…and I believe it feels the same way.

So with such a profound affection for one another, I have come up with a list of my favorite characteristics of dear Provo.

{number one}

The university avenue bum. Those of you who live/have lived in the Provo area most likely know or have seen the bearded man of which I speak. However, it is not the bum himself that I look forward to seeing…it is the darling little cougar (aka byu student) of the day that decides to be a good Samaritan and stop to chat with, offer food to, or entertain the homeless man. I have seen many a classic cougar moment with the university bum: ranging from pizza picnics, to chats over seven eleven drinks…to leisurely walks with popsicles as he takes his daily jaunt up and down university. Oh those cougars, they are better people than me…

{number two}

Rajh. Yes, our friend Rajh can almost always be found on the seven eleven on university and five hundred. Now, it is not his dirty jokes or strange stories that get me…but the fact that whenever I walk in and he says “hello” and whenever I leave he says “thank you, come again"... I can’t help but be taunted by his resemblance to Apu from the Simpsons….and it makes me laugh, EVERYTIME. Apu is the beloved proprietor of the Kwik-e-Mart that the Simpsons often go to. Rajh is the cherished cashier at my favorite seven eleven where I purchase my cold diet cokes. And trust me, when he says those two phrases, “hello” and “thank you come again” I swear it is Apu himself gracing my life for just a few moments in the Kwik-e-mart. The resemblance is enough to take you back to the world of springfield…

{number three}

The ‘no shhsh zone’. For those of you who are not familiar with the BYU library, there is a popular section called the “no shhsh zone”. It’s basically what the name implies…you don’t have to be quiet in this part of the library. Yeah, you can talk all you want! Exciting, I know. But be forewarned this is no area for the serious student. It has in fact become the section for many an awkward pick-up line, shameless flirting, and what some call the “soul stare”.You know, the famous byu stare, deep into the soul of another individual... "Is she the one?"..."Is he my future?" I don't have much more to say about this. Just be careful. You must exercise extreme caution in this area.

{number four}

miniature snowmen. this is truly something that i look forward to every year. you may have experienced utah winters before but if you haven't--they are cold--and there tends to be a lot of snow. now, i'm not sure if the snow is simply just a temptation to passing cougars or if they just need a little cheer in the gloominess of winter, but every winter, usually around the first big snow...miniature snowmen seem to pop up out of nowhere, scattered in different places around campus. they are small and can easily be made in the ten minute break between classes. every winter as i walk to the library i'm delighted to see those little's like a warm welcome to a night of rigorous studying. thanks provo snowmen makers.

{number five}

college town. i know that there are many people who come to provo and dislike the enclosed "college town" feel it has. but i love it! honestly, you will never live in any place like it again. so i say, eat it up. its just special. and if you are not convinced...ask yourself the following questions: where else can you get a j-dog? at what other unversity campus can you not find a single drop of caffeine?
where else are you guaranteed to get a boot on your car at least twice in your time here? (compliments of university parking)...and where else can you walk the streets, and look at the person passing by...and know that you probably have very different stories to tell, different backgrounds etc...but at the same time, know you share common beliefs, values, and a fabulous life under the Y? mmm. i love it.

thanks provo.


kristen a.


  1. That is so crazy you found my blog- it's good to know you have one too.

    Okay I totally remember Rajh...funny!I don't remember the bum, I'm kinda depressed I missed him.

    You know some time we should have a party with the old gang and watch all our weird movies-that would be fun.

  2. You forgot to say the most important part of why the no shhsh zone is so great!! the best is when you are talking to a stdy partner on the phone and they are trying to tell you to meet them there without saying the name and looking like an idiot. That's the best


from keen.