Sunday, October 4, 2009

the story of a little secret.

{photoshoot with jessica}

really, it's not hard to comprehend.
but really, it is.
it's quite a happy little tale.
at times rather sad.
yes is the story of them.
the story of you...
and of me.

{it's the story of the first day}
when you find yourself staring into their eyes. to your delight, it is much longer than the usual passing glance. the goodbye hug becomes just a little tighter...a tiny bit longer than it was the day before. when words can suddenly be expressed through eyes and touches take on a new, profound meaning. you're not really sure what to expect. without realizing it, you find yourself scared of what may or may not come.
it's like you have a delightful little secret. something to keep your heart beating.

{it's the story of that one day}
the day when you knew you were wrong but it wasn't the kind of 'wrong' that you beat yourself up for. it is the 'wrong' that makes you want to be a better person. it is the day when you are truly humbled and are better for it. you cry, not out of sadness but as a sign of life. you were born into this world with tears in your are crying because you are alive.
it's like you have a warm little secret. something to hope for in your future.

{it's the story of the last day}
it is the day you say goodbye. you watch your world flash flood by. change is as swift as the water you wade in. straining for air, you wave your arms in desperation. you didn't expect this day to arrive so soon. you couldn't have prepared for these feelings even if you tried. just watch as the car drives away, knowing there is no tomorrow.
it's like you have a piercing little secret. something to keep you up at night.

{it's the story of that special day}
it is the day when nothing else matters. you watch as your world is filled with happiness. sure, you know everything won't always be this good, but you are going to capture it while it is. it is the day when it is no longer about you, it is about them...about those who need you. your problems are no longer of importance. because you see the true colors of life.
it's like you have a perfect little secret. something to share with the world.

the story of those days, are just a few of the many we all experience.
but i love them. i love these little secrets.

with love,

kristen a.

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