Saturday, October 24, 2009


{thank you}

i'm very blessed.
and i may be feeling overly emotional today, but i must share
what i am grateful for.

because you see...

i am grateful for you.
yes, i appreciate that you take the time to read what i have to say.
thank you.

i am grateful for friends named suz,
that constantly teach me the ways of a rockstar
...just cause thats how they are.

to midol, i am profoundly grateful for you.
four tablets later...
and i'm as chipper as a meadow lark.

diane, thank you for the halloween package.
it produced happy tears.
and dark chocolate peanut m&m's...thank you.

cardigan. oh, how i am grateful for you.
you spice up any old outfit.
and you're so in style this season.

to second chances, thank you for coming to me.
i mess up a lot...
you know that, and you are good to me.

to aubry, i miss you.
i am grateful for your example as a person.
and the best friend you are.
(and i'm sorry you're still waiting for your visa)

the teacher that doesn't know the impact of their words
thank you for enlightening me.
you'll probably never know how you've helped.

i am grateful that i know God loves me.
and no, He doesn't expect me to be perfect.
He never has.

and i'm thankful, oh so thankful for you dear.

oh, and for this cheesy song...


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