Monday, October 26, 2009

that time.

{yours truly, ashley, suzanne}
hey, remember that time we went long-boarding down the provo canyon.
that was fun.

{suzanne the rockstar}
hey, remember that time that it was suzanne's first time longboarding...ever.
and remember that that time was not only her first time, but it was at night time and down a canyon.
but she rocked it anyways.

{caleb, can't remember, and me}
hey remember that time i wore the most comfortable sweater in the world with my favorite orange hat.
love that sweater.

{me and siera my sister who will take over the world}
hey remember that time when i have a gorgeous sister, who in this picture looks just like my other beautiful sister...
and that same time when siera sang us pokerface.

{suzanne and i love our paparazzi shots}
hey remember that time caleb held suzanne the whole way down so she didn't die.
and how you can see that i just tripped in the background.

hey remember that time that the alice lane girls were rockstars...again.

oh yeah. that time was a good time.


inspiration. regina spektor. 'that time'.

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