Monday, November 30, 2009


thanksgiving was wonderful. i hope yours was too. we had lots of fun family members in town. i love when we all get together!

i was in charge of the table settings and decorations this year, which was a lot of fun. i made name tags for each person using brown pears.

i really liked the way that they turned out.
however, i wish i could take credit for the idea, but i stole it from the martha stewart magazine.

it was a great thanksgiving. i'm so excited for all the christmas festivities to begin now.

happy holidays!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

greater than gravity.

paper tissue

i dreamed last night that i was riding down a hill.
and there were no brakes. no way to stop.
it was a little bit scary. but kind of serene and peaceful in a way.
specs of green, blue and grays passed by me.
i wasn't worried. i just let the breeze take me. and flew away.
maybe we all want to be free. but something inside wants to hold on.
or maybe i just like to ramble sometimes.
in the words of neil young,
'don't take much to see, what they've been thinking of.
what makes you hypnotized? what puts a tear in your eye?
what makes you have to choose? what brings you the blues?
a little thing called love.'


Thursday, November 26, 2009

my girls.

my girls are here, reagan and alyssa.
oh how i've missed them.
lyssa is seven. reagan is nine. they're awesome.
last night we had a little girls night, talked some boys, popped popcorn
and watched a flick.
we let reagan and lyssa pick out the movie.

aquamarine was the winner.
a movie about a mermaid washing up into the human world
and trying to find true love with a boy named raymond.
i know what you're thinking...sounds a tad bit like the classic little mermaid...
but don't worry, the ending has a surprise twist.

i love this holiday.

happy thanksgiving everyone!


a little bridal shower.

this past tuesday was
lindsey's bridal shower.
there wasn't really a theme, but we decided to carry out a boutique-like
atmosphere with the the decorations and desserts.
we had lots of greens and golds. with black and white
pictures of famous, old-fashioned celebrity weddings.

such as ronald reagan and jane wyman, princess diana, and grace kelly.
oh, and i'll take grace kelly's wedding dress any day. so gorgeous.

sorry, some of the pictures had kind of weird lighting.
but they'll do!

siera has recently discovered that she is a gifted cupcake maker.
aren't these darling?

lindsey and siera. they're cute bff's.

the night went well!
and we're so excited for lindsey.

i'm looking forward to posting pictures of her wedding.
it's going to be a gorgeous event.

love you lins.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

little lyssa.

my family just began to arrive today for thanksgiving.
i am so excited for the holiday.
family is so important to me. i am so happy they are here!

pictured above is one of my favorite cousins, alyssa.
she's so darling. everytime our family gets together lyssa is my little buddy.

and this is my rad little cousin jakey. i'm making him eat grass here.
he can catch fish with his bare hands...
he's quite the little man.

lyssa is on the right. and her older sister reagan on the left,
who is equally as darling.

and this is one of my bff' cousin craig.
he's been like an older brother to me my whole life.
i miss him!

i love my family.
they're so awesome.
i'm so happy that they're here.

happy thanksgiving!

*pictures from family reunion two years ago.

Friday, November 20, 2009


paper tissue

today's a good day.
i feel pretty sure that my future is in control, which isn't always the case.
my boots and baggy flannel shirt are treating me well.
my house is clean, and i gave up trying to make my hair do anything cool.
i put up christmas lights on the roof and ate pizza for lunch.
the rest of the afternoon is going to be spent with my family.
and i'm going to the movie theater. yes, yes...
to see the vampire and the werewolf that have taken the world by storm.
and i'm wearing big glasses. oh how i love 90's inspiration.


the middle of a thousand whys.

enjoy leona naess,
'heavy like sunday'

so...i know that there are like ten hundred million
artists with this same sound right now.
but i couldn't help but be drawn to this video. her lyrics are so simple.
and lovely. i enjoy them.

i like the verse...

"let's leave those dark days behind. mistakes are made
but our decisions change our design. the damage is nearly said and done
so let's take the money, yeah. let's take the money and run."

anyways, just thought i'd share.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the kimmy gibbler.

paper tissue

i feel inspired today. inspired by the people and the beautiful
that surrounds me.
ode to the lovely girls i live with...

kristen, also known as 'K2', you are a light in all our lives.
you truly are your own, beautiful person.
i admire your love and devotion you show your friends.
i look forward to your random comments that
bring tear-jerking laughter to my eyes.
you ride your own horse. to your own beat...
through the hills and plains that life has to give.

linds, hold on...i'm sure it'll get easier soon. we love you.
oh how i respect your strength and courage.
watching you has taught me that growing up hurts,
but in it all, i see how beautiful you really are.
you're not afraid to love.
you're not scared to fight for what is worth protecting.
you run through fields of flowers,
and love will lead you north.

siera, you're my sister. you're my best friend.
never does your humor fail me.
having you near brings me joy and eases my hearts pain.
you are beautiful. and you are our inspiration.
i look up to you in every way.
and admire the loving, accepting, devoted person you are.
you swim with dolphins.
cause thats just you. you're not like them.
keep on swimming darling.

these ladies inspire me to be...better.

and to the rest of my inspirers...
to michelle, for being the kind of person, mom,
and beautiful lady that i hope to be someday.
to my future puppy dog...i'm waiting for you and i really
hope you are mine soon.
to all the tv couples i love so much 'jesse and becky', 'pam and jim', 'ross and rachel'
'homer and marge'
...keep it real guys.
(a couple of you are off the air now...but alive in my heart!)
to green pea's...i really do enjoy you as a midnight
snack. i don't know why i love you so...
maybe because when i was a little girl, i would sit
in our garden eating you fresh from the vine,
until my stomach was completely satisfied...
to thanksgiving. you're just around the corner,
and i cannot wait for arrival.
to spending my night fixing the vacuum cleaner and my flooding

life is good.
be inspired.


to the kimmy gibblers of the world--rock on.

Monday, November 16, 2009

cause of a boy.

paper tissue
she told me a story. it had a beginning. a middle.
and it finished with an end. a story of living and breathing.
her life changed with a sudden, unexpected moment.
the world as she knew it, no longer consisted of a distinguished day.
or a darkened night.
she suddenly became a poet of love.
or perhaps an artist of sad sad songs.
why? i asked.
'cause of a boy'.

it happens so often. you fall for the boy.
and your heart suddenly has something to jump for.
he holds your hesitant hand.
fills your world with butterfly kisses, nunny.
laughs when you're singing the blues.
and introduces you to things you never knew.
it doesn't always make sense.
but your world spins in a frenzy.
and you pray, and you pray that it won't go away.
why? i asked.
'cause of a boy'

she said...
and then the day came when it all fell together.
and it was happily ever after.
the world as i knew it made no sense at all.
but was perfect in a complete, lovely type way.
warm rays of sunshine on a winterish day.
long flannel shirts and sleepy nights.
see nunny? she asked.
what? i insisted...
it all works out in the end..
'cause of a boy'


Friday, November 13, 2009

tay tay.

i love taylor's cover of 'untouchable'.

it just makes me happy.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

world class for life.

okay, so honestly...
high school was always kind of a joke to me.
i mean...i enjoyed it. i can't say i hated it or anything.
but i rarely look back to it (and i mean RARELY) and am most definitely not the type to ever say,
"oh, when i was in high school..."

in fact, i've never understood that type.
maybe i just missed the high school spirit train early on.
who knows.


while sorting through my closet a few weeks ago,
i came across some old high school dance pictures.
i couldn't help but love every minute of my discovery.
oh, what was i thinking?
lone peak ha ha.

i couldn't find pictures of all the dances.
but here are some fun ones.

lone peak sadie hawkins 04'

{me and tyler. this was my first dance ever. cute huh?}

lone peak senior ball 04'
{me and johnny s. we actually ended up going to 2 senior balls...see below picture.}

lone peak sadie hawkins 05'
{i don't remember why i went to this dance, very random}

lone peak spring fling 06'
{this dance was mostly girls i played lacrosse with}

lone peak senior ball 05'
{once again with johnny. this picture is so lone peak to me}

lone peak prom 06'
{i have no idea why they put zach and i, aka the shortest couple, in the back}

well, i wish i had more.
but i think thats enough. lone just lone peak.

good times. i'll leave it at that. :)


p.s. lone peak's motto is "world class for life".

Monday, November 9, 2009

the bird can sing.

paper tissue

i love this time of year.
thanksgiving is coming and i'm so excited to spend time
with family.

i've seen some 'gratitude lists' on different blogs lately.
and it has inspired me to do one of my own.

i am grateful for...
nunny. you're my best friend and i love you.
my friends. i have some of the world's greatest friends.
dayquil. you get me through the day.
neil young. love the song 'harvest moon'.
sam wellers book store. one of the most enjoyable places
in salt lake city.
anthropologie. their glimmering magnolia dress.
family. family is such an important part of my life.
decorating. i love being creative and finding
fun ways to decorate my home.
the song 'lonely people' by america. so good.
warm, comfy socks.

i'm so grateful.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

an alpine christmas.

an alpine christmas is a charming event
held in my home town of alpine, utah every christmas season.
april moriarty and todd mccabe are the roots to
an alpine christmas as it exists today.

it all began as a small christmas concert they held every
year in the mccabe's home...
it was loved by everyone.
with time, it was moved to a larger venue
and has now grown into a community tradition.

i'm privledged to know april.
she was my violin teacher for many years and taught me
everything i know.
she is a gifted and talented violinist/musician, inspired teacher,
and phenomenal person.
(pictured in the top right}

the artists that will be featured this year are...

todd mccabe and april moriarty
jessie clark funk
dan beck
cherie call
marvin payne
isabelle johnson
james rhodes

the concert is held every year
as a benefit for timberline middle school

it's such a delightful event.
it's a great way to kick off the christmas season.
for more information see their website.

i'm so excited for the holidays!


the illusorio cabinet.

i'm crazy about this piece.
the illusorio cabinet
can be found at anthropologie.

so simple.
i love the reclaimed pine look.



future, hello.

dear future,

i am certain you are so distant. and yet, you're outside my door right now. i don't get that. no one does. well, maybe someone does. and if they do, i hope i find them.

i can envision you; you don't frighten me. i see dancing, and grey walls with wrinkled white sheets...and falling in love forever.

sometimes i dream about you. i wake up in smiles. it seems so simple, like sips of lemonade at a june shower. or dirty blond hair brushed back in a clip from the ocean breeze. like a beautiful picture or a charming story or something.

i can feel you are there. it scares me. like confronting every dark fear that you don't dare say out loud. i only like to feel and see and experience what is comfortable. even my dreams are not wild or crazy...they are simple, and warm and safe.

...i dream of having someone to pick out paint with. and of driving a mini-van to after school rehearsals. sending christmas cards. perhaps writing a book. and sitting on my front porch writing letters...

i see you. i watch you in the lives of others. i'm anticipating your arrival, even though i know you're already here.

future, hello.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

just like a gingerbread man.

{i'm the shortest taffy...the one in the front}
being sick is honestly the worst. fevers that cause your body to go into complete temperature shock, nights spent sleeping on the bathroom floor to ensure you make it to the toilet next time you puke, and a massive increase in heart rate just moving yourself from the sofa to the's just such a pleasant experience. however, six chick flicks, a whole loaf of french bread, two bottles of gatorade, and a can of bbq pringles later...i'm feeling much more upbeat about life. the fever has broken and the puking has stopped. i'm left with the sniffles and though my head still feels like its going to implode, thats nothing a little extra strength tylenol can't take care of.

so i had a lot of time today to think. i began thinking about how frustrating it is to be sick, and how much i hate not being able to get anything done. i so badly wanted to do some deep house cleaning. my mind figured that if i wasn't at work or school...i should utilize such rare time and bleach down my whole house. unfortunately, i couldn't muster the strength to keep myself standing for more than a minute. needless to say, that dream died fast. so then i began thinking about other things. i've had some events recently that have caused me a lot of stress, worry, and frustration. i quickly stopped myself from lingering to long in those topics, and started thinking about happier things

for instance, a few days ago (before the illness struck) i was out running. and while i was running i saw a ballerina dancing in her front yard. kind of weird, i know but there was something so magical about it. she leaped and twirled, as the autumn fallen leaves blew softly along her pointed toe shoes. at that moment, i wished i was an artist. i would have captured that moment in a painting, or a photograph, or a sculpture...or something. it took me back to my ballet days. to the time i performed as a taffy in the california ballet companies production of the nutracker. it was a lovely experience. to be honest...i wasn't all that good at ballet. and really only got the part because before i went into the audition my mom told me, "just smile and show them how great you are!". so i did. i got the part and it was a wonderful experience.

i've always remembered that. "just them how great you are". thats life to me. people aren't always going to understand you at you're going to have to show them.

one night, we were in the middle of a performance of the nutcracker...and it was going very well. our scene came on where the all the little taffies ran out onto the stage. i smiled and began to dance. without warning, i was suddenly smashed to the ground by a giant gingerbread man. he had knocked me clean off my feet, into the air and there i landed with a hard smash. it hurt really bad. and i was a little flustered. but i quickly got back up onto my feet and joined the other taffy once again. i smiled.

that is a little like life i guess. sometimes we're hit off our feet without any warning. we're hurt. or we're bruised. we feel like we're not really sure what is going on and that we may never recover...but the best thing to do is to get back up and finish what we started. and of course there is time to cry as well. after that routine was over, i ran off stage and it was then that the tears began to emerge and i realized that my head had an overwhelming and painful pulse.

but if we get back up, then we can move on. we can finish it. and we can smile again. that is life to me. it's like capturing a beautiful moment of a ballerina dancing amongst fallen leaves, or being lonely and sick lying on a sofa all day-- watching lars and the real girl, while you were sleeping and the wedding planner (all good movies by the way), or being run over by a giant ginger bread man. it's all just life, right? i'm going to show them that i can get up. that i can smile and show them what kind of girl i am.

but i still feel sick. so i'm going to sleep some more for now.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


this past week my dad put together some old warwick family photos,
and as i looked through them these two really caught my eye.

my great aunt, mila.
isn't she fabulous?

i absolutely love her nineteen twenties ensemble with the cap and fur wrap.
she is simple and so very elegant.

and after talking to my dad, he told me that not only was she a very beautiful lady, but she had a great sense of humor and was always doing random things.
she was truly her own individual. i admire that.
i love learning about family and the roots of where i come from.
perhaps one day when i have a little girl i will name her mila,
after her very beautiful and fashionable great, great aunt.