Monday, November 16, 2009

cause of a boy.

paper tissue
she told me a story. it had a beginning. a middle.
and it finished with an end. a story of living and breathing.
her life changed with a sudden, unexpected moment.
the world as she knew it, no longer consisted of a distinguished day.
or a darkened night.
she suddenly became a poet of love.
or perhaps an artist of sad sad songs.
why? i asked.
'cause of a boy'.

it happens so often. you fall for the boy.
and your heart suddenly has something to jump for.
he holds your hesitant hand.
fills your world with butterfly kisses, nunny.
laughs when you're singing the blues.
and introduces you to things you never knew.
it doesn't always make sense.
but your world spins in a frenzy.
and you pray, and you pray that it won't go away.
why? i asked.
'cause of a boy'

she said...
and then the day came when it all fell together.
and it was happily ever after.
the world as i knew it made no sense at all.
but was perfect in a complete, lovely type way.
warm rays of sunshine on a winterish day.
long flannel shirts and sleepy nights.
see nunny? she asked.
what? i insisted...
it all works out in the end..
'cause of a boy'


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  1. I think this post had more of an impact because of the background music I had playing... it was this.


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