Sunday, November 8, 2009

future, hello.

dear future,

i am certain you are so distant. and yet, you're outside my door right now. i don't get that. no one does. well, maybe someone does. and if they do, i hope i find them.

i can envision you; you don't frighten me. i see dancing, and grey walls with wrinkled white sheets...and falling in love forever.

sometimes i dream about you. i wake up in smiles. it seems so simple, like sips of lemonade at a june shower. or dirty blond hair brushed back in a clip from the ocean breeze. like a beautiful picture or a charming story or something.

i can feel you are there. it scares me. like confronting every dark fear that you don't dare say out loud. i only like to feel and see and experience what is comfortable. even my dreams are not wild or crazy...they are simple, and warm and safe.

...i dream of having someone to pick out paint with. and of driving a mini-van to after school rehearsals. sending christmas cards. perhaps writing a book. and sitting on my front porch writing letters...

i see you. i watch you in the lives of others. i'm anticipating your arrival, even though i know you're already here.

future, hello.


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