Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the kimmy gibbler.

paper tissue

i feel inspired today. inspired by the people and the beautiful
that surrounds me.
ode to the lovely girls i live with...

kristen, also known as 'K2', you are a light in all our lives.
you truly are your own, beautiful person.
i admire your love and devotion you show your friends.
i look forward to your random comments that
bring tear-jerking laughter to my eyes.
you ride your own horse. to your own beat...
through the hills and plains that life has to give.

linds, hold on...i'm sure it'll get easier soon. we love you.
oh how i respect your strength and courage.
watching you has taught me that growing up hurts,
but in it all, i see how beautiful you really are.
you're not afraid to love.
you're not scared to fight for what is worth protecting.
you run through fields of flowers,
and love will lead you north.

siera, you're my sister. you're my best friend.
never does your humor fail me.
having you near brings me joy and eases my hearts pain.
you are beautiful. and you are our inspiration.
i look up to you in every way.
and admire the loving, accepting, devoted person you are.
you swim with dolphins.
cause thats just you. you're not like them.
keep on swimming darling.

these ladies inspire me to be...better.

and to the rest of my inspirers...
to michelle, for being the kind of person, mom,
and beautiful lady that i hope to be someday.
to my future puppy dog...i'm waiting for you and i really
hope you are mine soon.
to all the tv couples i love so much 'jesse and becky', 'pam and jim', 'ross and rachel'
'homer and marge'
...keep it real guys.
(a couple of you are off the air now...but alive in my heart!)
to green pea's...i really do enjoy you as a midnight
snack. i don't know why i love you so...
maybe because when i was a little girl, i would sit
in our garden eating you fresh from the vine,
until my stomach was completely satisfied...
to thanksgiving. you're just around the corner,
and i cannot wait for arrival.
to spending my night fixing the vacuum cleaner and my flooding

life is good.
be inspired.


to the kimmy gibblers of the world--rock on.

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