Thursday, November 26, 2009

a little bridal shower.

this past tuesday was
lindsey's bridal shower.
there wasn't really a theme, but we decided to carry out a boutique-like
atmosphere with the the decorations and desserts.
we had lots of greens and golds. with black and white
pictures of famous, old-fashioned celebrity weddings.

such as ronald reagan and jane wyman, princess diana, and grace kelly.
oh, and i'll take grace kelly's wedding dress any day. so gorgeous.

sorry, some of the pictures had kind of weird lighting.
but they'll do!

siera has recently discovered that she is a gifted cupcake maker.
aren't these darling?

lindsey and siera. they're cute bff's.

the night went well!
and we're so excited for lindsey.

i'm looking forward to posting pictures of her wedding.
it's going to be a gorgeous event.

love you lins.



  1. such a cute idea to do famous weddings! :)

  2. Hey, this bridal shower was outstanding. I liked having a glance at these cute pictures. At a local convention center in LA I also attended a grand wedding shower for my cousin and her fiancĂ©. The shower was hosted by bride’s mom and it truly turned out to be just fantastic.


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