Wednesday, November 25, 2009

little lyssa.

my family just began to arrive today for thanksgiving.
i am so excited for the holiday.
family is so important to me. i am so happy they are here!

pictured above is one of my favorite cousins, alyssa.
she's so darling. everytime our family gets together lyssa is my little buddy.

and this is my rad little cousin jakey. i'm making him eat grass here.
he can catch fish with his bare hands...
he's quite the little man.

lyssa is on the right. and her older sister reagan on the left,
who is equally as darling.

and this is one of my bff' cousin craig.
he's been like an older brother to me my whole life.
i miss him!

i love my family.
they're so awesome.
i'm so happy that they're here.

happy thanksgiving!

*pictures from family reunion two years ago.

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