Tuesday, November 10, 2009

world class for life.

okay, so honestly...
high school was always kind of a joke to me.
i mean...i enjoyed it. i can't say i hated it or anything.
but i rarely look back to it (and i mean RARELY) and am most definitely not the type to ever say,
"oh, when i was in high school..."

in fact, i've never understood that type.
maybe i just missed the high school spirit train early on.
who knows.


while sorting through my closet a few weeks ago,
i came across some old high school dance pictures.
i couldn't help but love every minute of my discovery.
oh, what was i thinking?
lone peak ha ha.

i couldn't find pictures of all the dances.
but here are some fun ones.

lone peak sadie hawkins 04'

{me and tyler. this was my first dance ever. cute huh?}

lone peak senior ball 04'
{me and johnny s. we actually ended up going to 2 senior balls...see below picture.}

lone peak sadie hawkins 05'
{i don't remember why i went to this dance, very random}

lone peak spring fling 06'
{this dance was mostly girls i played lacrosse with}

lone peak senior ball 05'
{once again with johnny. this picture is so lone peak to me}

lone peak prom 06'
{i have no idea why they put zach and i, aka the shortest couple, in the back}

well, i wish i had more.
but i think thats enough. lone peak...is just lone peak.

good times. i'll leave it at that. :)


p.s. lone peak's motto is "world class for life".


  1. That was so fun to see all of your school dance pictures! Okay, can I just say that you are so DARLING IN EVERYONE OF THEM?!! :) (and wow...Tyler looks so young!)

  2. haha oh tyler. you both look so young. that was a fun time in my life though. you. me. siera. nichel. tyler. all the videos we made! haha so funny


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