Thursday, December 3, 2009

bleach at 2 a.m.

paper tissue

the last three days have been of the most unique sorts.
first, you should know. i am now moving out of my townhome.
and back to my charming hometown of alpine.
it was a sudden decision...but i feel good about it.
oh, and did i mention? i have to be out by tomorrow.
hence, scrubbing my bathtub at 2:15 a.m.
and now feeling something resembling a 'high' from the bleach chemicals
filling the bedroom as i write to you this night/morning, whatever.
oh, and yes, happy december. isn't this month one of the finest?
i truly love it.
it makes me want to wear warm sweaters and my favorite red coat
that i purchased at a thrift store for $4.
and take a trip to the ice skating rink at the gallivan center.
life is crazy. it is busy. it's a little bit overwhelming.
i almost feel like i shouldn't pause to breath.
but i will.

life is good.


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