Thursday, December 24, 2009

do yourself a favor....

...tell yourself you're fabulous.

today i didn't think much of myself.
it was rough. and i was exhausted.
i prayed that i could just go home and hide from life.
but instead...i received an unexpected phone call from an old friend.
they said exactly what i needed to hear.
i smiled.
i sat eating a twix, when the man across the counter
told me that i meant something to someone.
and i hadn't realized they even cared.
i smiled again.
while watching the office,
i chose to let myself rely on someone who could help.
i then felt beautiful. and so very loved.
i smiled a lot.
and then i found this picture.
and couldn't help but feel proud of myself.
i had no fear then.
and look at that smile.

so do yourself a favor...tell yourself you're fabulous.
cause you are.

1 comment:

  1. haha oh my gosh. that picture is so cute. look at that suit! i would wear that right now. you are fabulous.


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