Monday, December 7, 2009

missing you this christmas time.

{picture taken while night boarding at brighton ski resort}
i miss my girls. my three best friends.
we all seperated this past year. this is my first christmas in three years
where they will not be here. it's a little sad for me.

so, i've decided to put up a few pictures of our past Christmases together.
christmas 2008

i believe in you jessica.

there they are. my three girls. miss you!

i like this picture of aubry.
there is a cool story to that christmas tree...

so, us four girls went to pick out the tree at a tree lot up on state street. it was a long, rigorous process, because of course...we couldn't agree on any tree. oh, and it was 'deaf day' for aubry. which was basically a really dumb assignment for her deaf culture class, where she had to 'pretend' to be deaf for a day. so that was kind of complicated in and of itself. but erin and i had a good time with that one. anyhow...we finally picked out a tree and went up to the salesman to pay for it. he went and grabbed the tree while we were all standing around talking. 'where would you like the tree?' he asked, without asking for any money. 'well, we need to pay for it first' we responded. 'no its taken care of, that gentleman over there just paid for it as a gift to you.' we were stunned. to be honest, i don't think we had even noticed this gentlman in the tree lot before this moment. but we looked over and saw an older man getting into his car. we smiled and waved, "merry christmas!" He responed with a smile and a big "merry christmas" in return. it meant a lot to us. and we truly loved that skinny little tree. it was beautiful.

Merry Christmas ladies!


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  1. Whatchyou talkin about girl? I'll be back in a week, just in time for Christmas! We better meet up. Miss you too!


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