Sunday, December 13, 2009

the niceties of life.

my aunt sandy is in town. i've spent most of the day lounging around with her, watching movies and laughing. she has always been very important to me. sandy is one of the most positive, uplifting people to be around. and she is fighter. which i much admire.
when i was a small girl she would take my sisters and i to this small stream that was surrounded with large, magical oak trees (i thought all trees were magical when i was younger). she'd help us build bridges and make believe that we were creating a world of our very own.
today as we sat chatting, we began talking about those
little, pleasant things in life that seem to pop up just when you need them. you know-- the small, lovely things that come up so unexpectedly.

my aunt sandy calls them,
the niceties of life...
like when you have to clean out the freezer
(not a super fun thing to do)
but....then, to your
delight, you find a box of chocolates frozen in the back.
or perhaps, when you go to work feeling a bit drab, and the first person to walk in informs you of what
beautiful blue eyes you have. and at one of those, oh so rare moments in life when you can't stop smiling at the face in front of you...and you don't know why; it's giddy and so beautiful. oh and when your lovely friend, who happens to be a chef, comes up for sunday dinner and brings you a double, dark chocolate-cherry cupcake straight from heaven. and you are hesitant to admit it, but you ate two of them and now feel significantly larger.
maybe it's simply the laughs you get from watching the random things going on around you during church, or when you choose to drive through a blizzard in a 98' toyota camry to get to the vending machine for a much needed dr. pepper and consequently get stuck in a snowbank...but sit there, laughing at yourself for a good ten minutes.
so i don't really know. maybe it's a delightful cupcake. maybe it's a kiss on the forehead. maybe it's a lazy sunday with one of your coolest aunts.

it's a warm day...a small running stream, a little house with adventure and love... in my own whimsical world amongst the oak trees.

mmm...i really enjoy the niceties of life.

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  1. a dilicious cake it i can eat it!!!!


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