Sunday, December 20, 2009

old poetry.

paper tissue

when you tell me hello,
don't look away.
when you say that you mean it,
mean it today.

don't feel you must kneel.
to see truth in my eye.
stand near please,
its not me but the tears i may cry.

show me your fingers,
when you say you're for real.
my heart won't lie.
but it's the pain it can feel.

i sing for the times ahead.
love in its glory is like a riddle.
but no, i'm not afraid.
well. perhaps just a little.

hold my chilly hand.
as we cross the realms of whatever.
just don't go away,
please. want me, forever.

*so, i used to write poetry a lot. just a hobby of mine that i enjoy. i haven't so much lately, but i found an old notebook tonight with some poems of mine from a few years ago....thought it'd be fun to share. enjoy.

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