Tuesday, January 19, 2010

approximately 10:15 p.m....

paper tissue
today i made a decision. my life needs some changes. there are certain things that i know i need to make happen. so...i decided that starting at that moment, which i believe was approximately around 9:35 a.m, things were going to be different. after a day of school, pondering, and thinking about my new decision and where to begin, i decided to stop by one of my favorite places to shop (the d.i).

as i casually browsed through some old books, i couldn't help but feel inclined to tap my foot to the beatles song playing over the speaker. being that i was in a public place, and out of social habits, i didn't let myself. just at this moment, approximately 3:30 p.m., a small elderly woman came around the corner with a large smile spread across her face, bouncing and tapping and bobbing away to the music. i was so pleased at this sight. she looked at me, and seeing the smile on my face said, " isn't this such a great song!?" i quickly agreed and told her the beatles would be proud. i then watched her head on her way, dancing down the isle of used books. change #1: know what love, and not be afraid to really, really love it. even if that means, dancing down the isle to a song i can't resist...why not? take the small things and make each day just a little more meaningful, a little more memorable, and a little more alive.

after leaving the d.i, i had to run another quick errand before heading home. while walking into the store, i bumped into an old friend...approximately at 4:15 p.m. we chatted for a while, reminicing about old times and people that we have/haven't kept in touch with. it got me thinking about all the friends i am so blessed to have in my life. i don't know what it is, but i have some absolutely stellar friendships surrounding me. and the more i continued to think about all these relationships, the more overwhelmed with gratitude i became. and i was inspired. change #2: be a better friend. my friends have seen me through everything. and i want to be that kind of friend back.

later in the evening i began my run. i started off pretty average and continued that way for a good mile. and then, something happened at approximately 9:00 p.m. i wasn't at all satisfied with my efforts. why?...because i knew i could do better. i could run harder. i could move faster. i could set my mind on becoming greater, and i could actually achieve it. so why wasn't i? it just took that moment. that beautiful moment of focus and self-discovery...and i pushed. i pushed myself harder and worked towards becoming better. change #3: remember my potential, stay focused on what it is i want, and no matter how routine my life becomes or how stressed or discouraged i may get, push myself to be greater. whether i'm at work, at school...at home... i want to give it my every effort.

i want to move foward. i hate sitting. i like knowing that progression is being made. i want to forget about myself and think about others. i want to get a puppy that i can love and take care of. i want to make things happen that i know without a doubt. i want to dance down the isle and feel weight lifted from my shoulders. i want to run as hard as i can and know that i couldn't have run any harder. i want to tell those that i love that i love them....hmmmm.

it was a day of decision i guess.

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  1. You inspired me Kristen. I love you so much! Miss you tons!!!


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