Sunday, January 31, 2010

the different faces of keen.

if pictures could talk....
"what? oh yes, i know i'm cute."

when i first began talking, i couldn't say my name.
my parents would point at me and say,
"whose that? whose that?"

i would respond, "keen".
needless to say, it stuck.

"i've got the gift. peace out."

"can i have a cookie...please?
oh and i kind of have to pee, i think"
aren't my neon shorts rockin?

"yeah, i'm a package deal...from head to toe."

"who me? oh you're too kind."
this is one of my favorites. i love that little poof
scrunchie in my hair.

perhaps this is why my cheer career never took off...
i seem to be lacking the essential perkiness of cheerleaders.
nichel (on the left) doesn't seem too happy to be
a pumpkin either.

well, thats about it. just some of my favorites...
i'm keen.
"over and out."

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